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WHO: This course is facilitated by Tim Possingham  as private tuition only. (1 on 1 training)


WHERE: Adelaide 


WHEN: Next Course any tIme by apointment as a 1 on 1 intensive course


WHY: Registrants will gain knowledge enabling them to competently tune high horsepower vehicles with varying characteristcs and with different fuels. Covers various types of engine management systems and includes step by step practical exercises in dyno tuning a high output engine from scratch. Loads of hands-on training, valuable tips, tricks and techniques - a must for the novice to seasoned dyno tuner. At the conclusion of the course students tune a rally car fromn scratch to full power runs using knowledge gained in the course. Includes extensive dyno work.


COST: $2000 AUD


Includes: Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea and RefreshmentsAll registrants will receive a certificate, course folder and information on products related to dyno tuning and high performance vehicle modification.


The Intensive Dyno Tuning course is an intensive 1 day course that covers such topics as:


Internal Combustion Engine Basics

Relative to Power and Tuning

  • 4 Stroke Cycle

  • Diesel Basics


Engine Management Systems Today

  • Factory Engine Management Systems

  • Aftermarket Management Systems


Advanced Tuning Terminology


Tools and Equipment


Tuning Fundamentals

  • Basic Engine Operation

  • Engine Characteristics

  • LoadIgnition Timing

  • Mixtures


Dyno Tuning Basics

  • Dyno Physics

  • Dyno Operation


Tuning Techniques

  • Basics

  • Implementing Techniques

  • Engine Characteristics

  • Engine Modifications

  • Unusual results and characteristics

  • Tuning on different fuels

  • Tuning for Power

  • Tuning for Economy


Dyno Exercises (hands-on)

  • Tuning for different engine

  • Tuning with different fuels

  • Engine troubleshooting demonstrations
    (available in some classes only, please check
    with MSA administration on this subject)

  • Tune from scratch


Tips & Trouble Shooting