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Nationally Accredited Motorsport Training

TLIC0031 Apply low risk car driving behaviours

This nationally accredited unit of competency is delivered under

The Australian Driving Institute, Registered Training Organisation (RTO) #45958 



Course Description

The Motorsport Academy On Track Training program is the third element to be completed for the nationally accredited unit TLIC0031 Apply low risk car driving behaviours. This combination program provides you with the best of the Motorsport world: Skidpan and track training. Enhance your car control skills, and recovery, on the skidpan with direct coaching from a professional motorsport instructor enabling you to develop and practice new skills, assisting with visual, steering, gear changing and mechanical empathy skills that will ensure you are far more prepared for tarmac rallying. Then on the track, gain the skills to improve your lap times with in vehicle specialist instructor training and practice and refine skills such as high speed braking, high speed corner braking and other activities which simulate challenges experienced in tarmac rally events. RSZ (Restricted Speed Zone) and RTZ (Restricted Time Zone) exercises will also be conducted. These track days are the business end of high speed driving. Once you have refined the skills at slow speeds, you must now apply these skills at high speed on a race track. You will be completing fast laps during this training whilst we also work on other techniques. The program increases in difficulty as you improve, slowly adding more to your skill set. Some of these skills are quite technical, however once you understand balance, safe limits and your car control is good, we move into correction techniques.


Motorsport Academy have contextualised this unit to motorsport and special stage rally training purposes, building on our experience of running similar motorsport courses for 25 years and as per industry consultation.


For further information regarding the content and performance criteria of this unit of competency, refer to

Course content

  • Control slides on the throttle

  • Counter steer

  • Improved visual skills

  • Gear changing and sliding

  • Recover a slide

  • Professional guidance

  • Recovery techniques

  • Mechanical empathy

  • Adapting the seat and steering to higher speeds

  • High speed vision/planning

  • Gear changing: Auto, Manual, DSG

  • Gear changing: Heel/Toe techniques

  • Corner entries, car rotation, exit

  • Car control: Understeer, Oversteer

  • Understanding driver assist technology when racing

  • Introductory advice on car preparation, set ups, tyres and brakes


  • One full day (8.00am – 4.30pm)

Course inclusions

  • In vehicle motorsport instruction throughout the day, with one of our specialist trainers

  • Refreshments throughout the day

  • Lunch, optional extra $25 pp


  • $800 per session gst na 


  • Suitable vehicle for training day

  • Successful completion of the Motorsport Essentials Training Program

  • Own safety kit is preferable

  • Helmet and attire must be to the neck, wrists, ankles and inflammable

  • Must be able to drive a manual vehicle (for CAMS licence)

  • Probationary or Full Driver Licence is preferable

  • Strictly no Learners

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